Joined together within a group of rock'n'roll 5 years ago, their taste and their common passion theirs made it possible to lead to this formation.

LiveTronic is composed of two musicians whose musical inspirations are drawn mythical influences such as Prince, Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, King Crimsons... From where importance for the group of the creation of sounds born of synthesisers, samplers and data processing with the rhythms which we know today.

This dance music is creates in the sens to play "live" and this for a large audience fan or not of techno music style the base is electronic and contemporary inspiration.

Currently 10 titles are avalaible, but many others are in waitings or phase of recording, their creativity being unceasingly in alarm.

Accomplices and in perfect osmosis in creation and imagination, LiveTronic will always seek simplicity in a complexity of the sound.

Jean-Luc Mauduit

Jean-Louis Belmonte